Flow pattern and thermal comfort in office environment with active chilled beams

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In modern offices, the heat load per floor area has increased. With high cooling loads, the possibility of draft problems increases. The purpose of this article was to study the flow patterns and draft risk in an office environment where cooling and air distribution is implemented with active chilled beams. The study is based on experiments in a laboratory mock-up room in three load conditions: summer, winter, and midseason (spring/autumn).

Thermal plumes from heat sources and warm or cold windows had a notable effect on the flow pattern and velocity distribution in the occupied zone. Areas with increased draft risk were found in locations where the supply jet turns down to the occupied zone. Draft risk can also be high at the floor level as a result of a circulating flow pattern in the room. This article concentrates on measurement and modeling results in a single-person office room. Comparisons are made with corresponding results in an open-plan office.

For more information, please contact the authors:

Hannu Koskela,  Institute of Occupational Health, Turku, Finland
Henna Häggblom,  Institute of Occupational Health, Turku, Finland
Risto Kosonen,  Halton Group, Finland
Mika Ruponen,  Halton Indoors, Witham, UK

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