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DYNAMO Sound Engine – Exploring the Aesthetics of Dynamic Sound Interactions
June 23, 2015  //  No Comments
In the design and development of multimodal interactive environments, sound is nowadays seen as an important element, no ...
Young man engineer in helmet drawing construction project
Understanding fundamental and practical ingredients of construction project data management
March 23, 2015  //  No Comments
The research aims to explain the key elements behind construction project data management by looking at actual operation ...
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Large eddy simulation of a high-pressure homogenizer valve
June 25, 2015  //  No Comments
The homogenization is a mechanism responsible for the sub- division of particles into very small sizes to create an emul ...
Inquiry learning
Well-being architecture in academic workplace
June 25, 2015  //  No Comments
Academic research work is well known to be flexible in the terms of time and place. However, several studies indicate th ...