distributed teams
A comprehensive human thermal model for evaluating individual thermal sensation
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In Western countries, people are typically spending 90% of their time indoors. Therefore, it is important to maintain de ...
Profit, risk and value: the role of business model fit in the value creation in REC sector
November 17, 2014  //  No Comments
This paper starts from the suggestion that the identified challenges of REC sector to deliver end-user value and sustain ...
Man Touching A Search Bar On A Virtual Screen
Elekäyttöliittymät osaksi jokapäiväistä ihmisen ja teknologian vuorovaikutusta
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Elekäyttöliittymät mahdollistavat keholliseen vuorovaikutukseen perustuvien järjestelmien tuottamisen. Yksi elev ...
Avotoimistojen ilmanvaihto
Engaging Learning Environment (ELE) for Leadership training: Fostering Interest and Epistemic Change
October 24, 2014  //  No Comments
The aim of this study was to apply Engaging Learning Environment (ELE) model for training insurance company middle manag ...