distributed teams
A comprehensive human thermal model for evaluating individual thermal sensation
November 17, 2014  //  No Comments
In Western countries, people are typically spending 90% of their time indoors. Therefore, it is important to maintain de ...
Young man engineer in helmet drawing construction project
Understanding fundamental and practical ingredients of construction project data management
March 23, 2015  //  No Comments
The research aims to explain the key elements behind construction project data management by looking at actual operation ...
Heating Controller
Evaluating the thermal comfort performance of heating systems using a thermal manikin with human thermoregulatory control
March 23, 2015  //  No Comments
The evaluation of the local thermal comfort and application of thermal manikins can further assist the design and select ...
transformative learning
A framework for measuring student and staff satisfaction with university campus facilities
February 4, 2015  //  No Comments
The purpose of the study was to evaluate and discuss the extent of the satisfaction as perceived by the students and sta ...