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User experience in an academic coworking place: the case of Aalto University’s Design Factory
June 27, 2014  //  No Comments
The function of academic environments is transforming. Formal learning environments are being accompanied by mix of cowo ...
Risk management with real options in Public Private Partnerships
August 20, 2014  //  No Comments
Public Private Partnerships (PPP) have secured a position as an alternative to direct investment in construction project ...
Selection of micro-cogeneration for net zero energy buildings (NZEB) using weighted energy matching index
August 20, 2014  //  No Comments
Recently, the extended matching indices for electrical and thermal energy were defined for different types of energy use ...
learning environments
Considering Learners’ Perceptions in Designing Effective 21st Century Learning Environments for Basic Education in Finland
June 10, 2014  //  No Comments
Focusing on so called Key Competences or 21st Century Skills urges educational organizations to redesign their psychosoc ...